The Three Hottest Lipstick Styles for Summer 2016 (And How to Pull Them Off)

It’s clear from looking at the 2016 summer runway fashions that it’s time to ditch your nude lipstick, and head for something with a little more flare.

Here are three of the hottest lipstick colors for summer 2016, along with a style guide and lipstick match for wet n wild (for those girls, like me, who only buy lipstick if it’s a dollar)!

Get ready to turn heads with:

  1. The maroon lip

This lip color was all the rave during fashion week, and it’s no wonder why. Last year we saw some very dark lips (black, blue, purple), but we also saw a heavy selection of vintage fashion comebacks. This red lip is the perfect balance between the rebel punker and the woman who wears pumps to work. Match red lips with a white tee and vintage light-wash jeans, or wear with a floral maxi dress for a more formal occasion. As with all red lipstick, choose your dark red lipstick shade to compliment your skin tone. If you have fair skip, opt for a cooler red with more blues. Warm skin tones should pick warmer reds with yellow tones.

For warm-skinned girls, pick up wet n wild’s silk finish lipstick in hot red.  Cool-skinned girls, grab the edgy stoplight red megalist stick. 

2. Bright pink lips

I love this trend because it adds so much to your outfit without the drama of the red lip. Fairer girls can pull off this lip better than warmer-skinned girls whose lips are much redder than those with fair skin. Wear a little mascara and a graphic tee to make your lips stand out. My favorite shade is 15 minutes aflame, which can be purchased at almost any drugstore for less than a dollar.

3. The peach lip

A beautiful pop to warmer skin tones, the peach lips adds that trendy orange pop to an outfit without making the lips look clownish and awkward. This lipstick looks amazing with everything, and shines especially with dark tees and large, bright floral print dresses.

For a tint of orange on your lips, apply a smooth coat of wet n wild’s sunset peach and hit the town.


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