Creator’s Itch

I’ve had creator’s itch all day. I’ve wanted to make jewelry, start a YouTube channel, write a movie, write and sell a book on Amazon, buy a million different ear cuffs, and find more companies to write articles for since this morning, with the “right now” attitude. With creator’s itch you can never settle down on one thing…it’s always, “I wanna do this,” or that, and you end up just sitting on your fanny and not doing anything at all! The creator’s itch can’t be that uncommon: Anyone else needing their creativity desperately scratched? It must be jewelry making and sewing season! 😜

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2 thoughts on “Creator’s Itch

  1. T Brooks says:

    I know that feeling all too well! Lets write a blog post, no let’s create a new product, no, maybe I should cook (just kidding, I don’t like cooking 🙂 )…

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