Comic Relief: Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

I always thought so!

Grimm Blogger

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

A dog has a lot to do,
but you already knew that,
and so this is a poem all about
why dogs are better than cats.

First, let’s talk about night,
since night gives most of us some fright;
dogs will sleep all through the day (except when they have to play, of course)
But if an intruder knocks on the door,
a dog will roll up off the floor,
and bark, and bark, and bark.

And say the intruder didn’t knock,
the dog will not exactly bark,
but will come up to the bad guy
wagging its tail,
distracting the bad fellow with endless kisses.
Then Mom will know something is amiss,
since someone in the house is getting kissed,
and everyone is safe in bed,
so a bad guy must be wanting fed;

So the Mom will come down and bring out…

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