Perfection in Imperfection

IMG_5571It was a frantic day, full of sewing, gardening, and cleaning. Order was thrown out the window, and chaos took it’s place. What a relief it was, then, when it was finally time to settle down and eat.

The table was a mess, and few skillets were washed. And in the freezer was our treat–prepacked Chinese food–stir fry and egg rolls.

You can’t have everything.

You know the world has fallen when you can buy prepackaged Chinese food at the store.

Within twenty minutes the food was ready.

We all sat down in the den and ate. It was cozy, and the fact that we were not eating at the table went well with the super chaotic flow of the day.

You can’t have everything, but maybe, just maybe you have enough.That was how it was for me. True, the Chinese food was prepackaged, but it was delicious. The table may have looked like salvage from a wrecked ship, but that meant that we got to eat together in the den. The den floor may have been uncomfortable, but it was a change of scenery, like Christmas dinner in the dining room. And best of all, we were all together.

While nothing can be perfect, maybe it just is. Because God knows just what His children need, and though we are imperfect, He is and He loves us. How can we ask for anything more, when we already have so much?

I smile as I think of the crunchy egg rolls, and unseasoned rice. What perfectly imperfect memories.


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