Creativity is Creation’s Relfection ~Manor House Designs~

10.2.13 083

Gorgeous field of wildflowers.

Do you ever walk in beautiful places in creation and suddenly creativity grips you?

A sharp desire to make something of all this beauty!

Maybe it’s that very unique color in the sky. Imagine trying to describe that to people: ‘It’s a blue, but today it’s sort of silk, and the clouds are like little scraps of velvet scattered all over the silk.”

Designers, strolling through the fields, thinking of how to depict nature in their projects.

Jewelers, dreaming of the perfect stone that captures the color of the wildflowers.

Artists, wondering how to paint a beautiful little world like this one on their tiny canvases.

Writers, only wishing to paint the same world with harmonious words.

Creation is beautiful.

Creativity is creation’s reflection.

10.2.13 062

10.2.13 097

10.2.13 133

10.2.13 085

10.2.13 102

10.2.13 078

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