A Natural Remedy For Spring Fever


Hello, everyone!

It’s the middle of January, and snow is the air. If you’re like us, then you have recently found out that snow isn’t all that’s going around…we’ve caught a bit of spring fever, and it’s very contagious.
Thankfully, for the sake of humanity, we’ve concocted the perfect medicine for it. We’ve created a fabulous remedy to ease the aching, spring-wanting pain.
So, if you’ve got a bit of the chills, you may want to check out this beautiful organic urban crochet handmade purse. This stylish messenger bag has enough color to cure every case of spring fever that ever existed, without leaving the season.

Did we say it is stylish? Or that you should go check it out?

If we haven’t, then it’s a crime against health an fashion. Not to mention a crime against comfort and practicality, as the purse is a graceful cross-body, and the luscious, red cotton lining in the purse interior is a treat for the most delicate of accessories.

So, now that you know what to do to cure winter’s most catching of illnesses, go do it. Procrastination is a virus dangerous throughout the year.

We’ve cured our spring fever by making it, now cure yours by owning it. It’s only $13.00 and it lasts much longer than the snow.

See you around,
Manor House Designs

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