Handmade Flower Earrings 99 Cents Stylish and Lightweight Dangles!


Let’s face it, there are some of us who can’t afford certain things. “Certain” being a very broad term that covers many categories.

eBay is a place where millions of people go to find the best deals, the best productions, and eventually buy from the best sellers.

Often the best is pricey, even on eBay. Some of the best deals come with standard shipping from China, which may have good products, but the price is high when it comes to shipping time; it may take at least a month for the buyer to receive his one cent find.
Also, the great deals are usually cheap factory makes. Anything handmade tends to range around at least fifteen dollars.

However, we’ve created the perfect jewelry sale. Besides our incredible bulk handmade jewelry sale, we’re now so selling small, high quality, handmade flower earrings!

These earrings are only $0.99 on eBay! Yes, you read that correctly–only 99 cents! That price INCLUDES shipping! To make things even better, we SHIP FROM THE USA so NO LONG WAIT for your great buy!

We are very proud of our beautiful earrings! Please check them out on our eBay site!



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