How To Make Your Own Glass Bracelet {diy}{super easy instructions}




The holidays are coming up, and our fingers are itching to BUY GIFTS, MAKE GIFTS, GO SHOPPING, decorate the tree, eat lots of turkey, catch up with long-time-no-see family members, and thank the LORD for His many blessings upon us.

We can hardly concentrate. Thanksgiving is almost here. Then after that there are Christmas parties, then there is Christmas eve, then Christmas day, and (oh my, time has gone by so fast!) New Year’s.

Some of us may have uncovered our sewing machines and searched the web all day long, looking for presents to make.

There are free handmade tutorials out there, but they’re…not so awesome.

And then we have a brainstorm.

We decide to make jewelry.

Our friends love jewelry, our mothers and sisters and aunts and nieces…they all love jewelry. (WE love jewelry, too, and that is very important!)

We decide to make jewelry.

We go to the store.

We buy the beads, we buy the wire, we buy the findings.

And then. We look at the FREE BRACELET TUTORIAL instructions.

Nothing makes sense.

Nothing at all makes sense.

What is going on? Was this a bad idea? “I’ve wasted so much money on these beads…I’ll never be able to make that bracelet…what in the world do these words mean?!”

Never fear.

We are going to share with you perhaps some of the easiest instructions EVER on the web on how to make a beautiful glass bracelet like the one pictured below.

Soon you’ll be making hundreds of these for family and friends.

Hello, Christmas!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED (essential materials are bolded)

. Flat nose pliers

.Round nose pliers

.Crimping pliers

.Jewelry Wire


.Jump ring



.Scissors/wire cutters


.Jump ring


(Pictured: Names Left To Right: Wire Cutters, Flat Nose Pliers, Crimping Pliers, Round Nose Pliers)

1) First, cut the wire to the size you want your bracelet to be. The easiest way to do this is to fold wire around wrist and see how long wire is for the bracelet size you want. Cut a few centimeters more than what is your bracelet size so that there will be room to add a clasp.

2) Start beading. There are a few ways you can do this. The best way(s) to bead are usually:

(1) Crimp the end of the bracelet (see directions below to see how to crimp) and slide the beads down to make your pattern. This way the beads won’t slide off that end. This is perhaps the easiest way to start your bracelet. You can also fold one end of the wire so that the beads won’t slide off, and slide on the beads. It’s the same technique that you do with cord bracelets. Just tie a knot and slide ’em on!

(2) You can also start beading from the middle. Place your center bead on, and bead your patterns on each side of the bead. This is a harder way.

20131106-130647.jpg (above: bend the wire so that the beads won’t slide off that side. This is option one.)

3) It’s best to keep a patten. Since you are making a bracelet, the pattern will have to be small. We did something along the lines of “red, small blue, large turquoise, repeat.” It worked out very nicely.


4) How to finish the bracelet:

1. Use your round nose pliers to bend the wire bracelet end. Now don’t freak out here. It’s fine if you don’t have round nose pliers. Just an ordinary pair of flat nose pliers will work for this part. Even your fingers can bend the wire.

2. Now that you’ve bent the bracelet end, slide on the crimp. You may be asking yourself what a crimp is. A crimp is very small, like a seed bead. It is a tiny, hollow metal “thing” that bends when you press it. It finishes the bracelet, and keeps the beads from sliding off. Not the most technical explanation ever, and possibly somewhat confusing, but if that explanation doesn’t clear things up, our stock photo might. 20131111-170318.jpg


(above: these are crimps)

20131106-130707.jpg(this is step 4. Bend the wire and slide on the crimp)

5) If you don’t know how to crimp, please read this tutorial. Many people have specific crimping pliers, but it is not completely necessary. You can do just as well with flat nose pliers.

6) If you are crimping the side you are going to put your clasp on, then slide on your clasp AFTER you’ve slid your crimp on, BEFORE you crimp. You can also connect the clasp with a jump ring.

7) Add a jump ring on the other end for the clasp to connect to when the bracelet is worn.

THAT’S IT! We hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you love the bracelet, then please subscribe to our posts! We will give the bracelet its own special post once we’ve listed it on eBay! Thanks for reading, and have a GREAT day!



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