Beautiful, Small, And Unexpected Little Things

What makes us smile? What comments stay with us forever and ever, and constantly replay themselves in our minds? More often than not, that small, unexpected compliment, that unassuming, friendly gesture, that little note or that quiet smile stays with us longer than any big to-do. It’s the little things, you see.

As a creator, the smallest comment left by the smallest site visitor means almost everything. On Instagram, one can get bogged down with all the likes and hashtags. Every like is important, but when someone says, “That’s an adorable necklace!” their coment will bring a smile.

Last weekend, a friend of mine had a birthday.  I contimplated over various things to get her, to make her, and whatnot. And then I thought about what things made her smile. Fairy tales, and small, girly things.  Sometimes you have to look at the big picture only to see the small things that really matter. That’s what I have discovered, at least.

I haven’t seen her as yet,  so I don’t know if she will like what I decided to make her. It’s small, beautiful, and considering all the necklaces that I could have made her, unexpected.

Please tell me what you thing of this little treasure.  Thanks for reading! 🙂









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