More Vintage Finds…

Hello, everyone!

It has been a hectic week, but also a creative and productive one! If you have been following our Pinterest account, you would have seen our constant postings of newspaper and galaxy nails how-to’s, maxi skirts, t-shirt re-cycling, and other various projects. Projects have been brewing!

Inspiring these creative explosions are some vintage finds that we are putting on eBay!

Both of these finds are mid-century/1960s time

The first is a unique Mikasa cup and saucer set (4 pieces–2 cups, 2 saucers). They have the exclusive 1960’s pattern,

“My Love.”

june 22 3013 1243june 22 3013 1237

Gorgeous, I know. Reach out your hands toward the computer screen, and imagine you are touching the delicate china. Stroke the screen of your computer, and think of all the Christmases, birthdays and parties you can enjoy and receive raves on all due to this delectable pattern. Are you ready? Are you ready? Look around first, and make sure that no one is looking as you creep your face towards the computer, and stick out your touch, fancying a nice, hot chocolate sauce rolling in your mouth from the saucer…and biscuits on the plate…

Enough, here comes a family member…your husband, to be precise. Perfect timing, too, for you were about to eat a chunk of your computer screen. Also perfect timing, because now that you’ve caught your spouse’s attention, you can point to the screen, and mention how you’re looking forward to your upcoming birthday. After that (or before, which ever way works best) you can also mention that you’ve always adored this pattern, but you never got it, or mention all those china plates that have broken since you got the collection…

Still, your point is not reaching across. So, you sit quietly for a moment, and then exclaim, “WHAT a DEAL!”

Heads turn. “What, what deal?”

You gasp at your computer, and shake your head in amazement, as if you thought you were all alone in the room (like you usually are, silently sitting at your desk all by yourself ;/ ).

“Hmmmmmm?” husband asks.

“Oh, just a great deal on eBay,” you reply indifferently.


You gesture, spouse comes. Then spouse sees the incredible deal that no one can beat, and you both smile.

ADD TO CART because you’ll never see this deal again.

There. Did I explain your life?

Maybe you’re not a vintagechinaholic, and when you see the shimmering Mikasa cup and saucer, you cannot concentrate on its loveliness, because you’re still brewing about what happened earlier today.

Nobody can tell that you’re upset, and even YOU will not admit to yourself that you’re not as blissful as usual. But you ARE upset, and mean, AND jealous, all because of some flighty moment you experienced. One of your friends at work got a new, name-brand purse (that looks like half of American women’s purses right now), and she received countless compliments on it.

“It’s just SO you,” one woman told her (didn’t she!)

“Aw, I’m just dying over here, it’s just SO fabulous,” the fashionista with the glasses spluttered, as she drank her hot latte.

“Oh, I know, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVES this new brand. At first I was like, ‘Oh no, WAY too expensive,’ and then I was like–‘” blah, blah, blah, blah, waving her hands so much that you were TRULY concerned that she’d fly away. Done. She finally finished her speech in one breath (bravo!), and now the room fills with high-pitched giggles.

You are standing near the corner. You haven’t said anything (snarky sighs, eye rolls and smirks are never counted as words) and finally, when ALL the birds have left, you take the silent moment to thank your mouth for keeping shut. Nevertheless, your day was officially ruined. You knew your style is much better than hers, has more taste and class than anyone else in the office. You are creative, you are vintage, you are original. You worked for a few more hours, and then went home. You got stuck in traffic. Hours later, you open the door to your house, and smile at everyone, give hugs, and say “everything is fine.”

Now you’re at your computer, and you realize you are NOT fine. Until you see this purse.


box$(KGrHqN,!lcFHCENgY91BR1)eV0Kig~~60_57Instantly, you realize that this unique Simon by Mister Ernest wooden box purse from the 1960’s was always meant for you! It expresses your taste perfectly. You ADD TO CART, and your whole world changes. You go to work, and people see your style. You get compliments. You eat lunch. You work more, and then go home. You get stuck in traffic, and smile at everyone in their cars as you wait for movement. Everyone stares back. THEY are fuming in their driver seats, but YOU are happy because you know what is at your side–a beautiful wooden purse, made in Hong Kong that anyone would be proud to own. You come home, you smile at your family, and when you sit at this computer again and look at this blog post once more, you can now concentrate and appreciate the Mikasa cup and saucer set. Whew, that was a long sentence.

Okay, so for the sentimental, but also novelty person who might be waiting for their turn, it’s time for our other items.

You also love vintage, but it has to be unique, doesn’t it? Look at this Acradian Fine China salad plate, pattern “In the Pines.” It’s vintage with an edge. You can check out the listing here!

arcadian(Scroll down and find older blog post on this plate).

Okay, okay sentimental ones, I said we’d come to you. All of us are sentimental in one way or another, but that’s what helps make us strong! Even if you don’t drool over this AVON EASTER PARADE 1993 decorative plate exclusively for sentimental reasons, that’s okay too. The plate is fab and unique!

$(KGrHqRHJCYFDzSowPVbBR)h,5qHLQ~~60_57 Alright then, hope you had fun ( I know I did, hahahaha!). Please check out our eBay page and see more items (  

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Have a  g r e a t   d a y!!

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