Ever wanted a toothpaste that whitens faster than normal results? Or maybe you’ve wanted your teeth whitened, but can’t afford that luxury? Here is a safe, natural whitener than you can use at home that REALLY WORKS! The results are gradual, but not so slow that they won’t be noticed!

1) 1 teaspoon Hydrogen Peroxide (read warnings on label before use)
2) 1 teaspoon of baking powder
3)1/2 teaspoon water
4) small squeeze of your current toothpaste

Mix everything together well in a cup. Brush your teeth with this mix for 4 minutes. Spit and rinse. Be careful not to swallow the whitening mix. Do this up to two times a week every month until you reach desired results, and then slow down to whitening every month or so.

After first few times, you will notice your teeth loosing their former yellow tint, and become a more creamy tone…soon they will be much whiter!

NOTE:Although this whitener is generally harmless and effective, if this whitener irritates your mouth for any reason, please discontinue use.

Enjoy, and happy white smiles!

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