Jewelry Findings From Clearance Sections

Sales. Sales, sales, sales, sales. That makes chaos out of every store–mad women mow down their kind with shopping carts as they reach the sale isle, and worried clerks anxiously look around, trying to make sure everything is under control. Signs are everywhere–the sign “clearance” in bright red sharpie ink has been knocked down and is sticking up from the floor. Everyone knows that there is a sale, a big sale, and the store is full.

Sometimes, though, the best deals are not so obvious. Men and women walk by that little item that gives a big bang for its buck, without even realizing that it exists at all. Discrete trinkets stuck behind an outrageously-priced separate item, are hidden from the outraged-over-that-item’s-price buyers, so that no one ever sees them. And then, when that sale ends, those items that had such a good price and value, are placed back out the shelf with their original price tags.

“I can’t buy that until it’s on sale,” onlookers comment; but if only they knew that they had just missed a lifetime deal.

A few months ago, I bought some jewelry findings on clearance. This was not a once-in-a-lifetime-deal clearance, but yes, the good sale items were lost in a tray of plastic, and chains, items which of were less value than their asking price.

I found a pink chain at WalMart for $1.00, and it was very long–great deal, and beautiful. But after a last minute shift through of clearance items, there was a beautiful pendant that was so pretty, I was convinced it would be a few dollars out of my budget. Turning the pendant around, I read the unbeliveable, shocker price tag: $o.79

“No way, ” I thought, “it’s a mistake, this can’t be $o.79!” Ah, but it was đŸ˜‰ and the purchase receipt for it  was the final proof of that…haha.

Yes. But after several months, the two just sat around, and I had forgotten to make anything out of them. Just the other day, a made a necklace out of them, and I got a bang for my buck!

steampunk sea pendant8

I have used the long chain for three different projects so far (this included) and have enough chain left for one more medium-sized necklace, or two (maybe even three!) bracelets. This necklace cost me, then about $0.94 in total, and the time it took to make it was about five minutes. I say I got a bang for my buck there!

I made a necklace for a friend as a birthday gift after that, and it came out beautifully. I used part of the pink chain for that as well (the chain was very long!).

pink heart necklace7

Next, I made a keychain out of part of the pink chain for another friend and her birthday:


Later, for myself, I used a chain i had and a Coco-Cola keychain that I had also gotten on clearance, to make what is, imho, a very awesome necklace: coke9

So good sales can be found anywhere, it just takes one to look. And if you listen hard enough, you might find that perfect, bank-for-the-buck item, that’s squealing to you from behind another one, crying, “Take me home, this is your only chance!”

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