A Touch of Vintage

Sorry it has been a hectic week, and have not been able to post more items! What has been going on with us? We added a new item to Etsy.


Not only is this re-designed item touched with vintage, the frame is actually vintage, from the 1980s. Family member (who from now on in this blog will  be referred to as FM,) made this. It used to be a dark brown. It was seriously an ugly brown that had a sky-blue floral heart in it with a quote.  It was not attractive. FM loves retro and 1940s styles, and she wanted to make this frame to offer a trip to the past. Maybe if you look hard enough at the frame, you might be able to see a young couple in the 1930s, dancing softy in their kitchen, or see a young woman in the 1940s reading a book in her living room. This would make a perfect decoration for a child’s room, so maybe you we see a room full of toys and children with happy, smiling faces. The frame is decorated with yellow gingham and a vintage-inspired flower. The flower is raised, for a textured effect.


You can find the item here

THRIFT STORE FIND is a pump-a-drink. Unlike the frame, neither FM or I re-purposed it. PUMP-A-DRINKS are so cool and this one is not only stylish, but it works like a charm (just like the charm painted all over it!)


IS this not the COOLEST thermos EVER? It is from the 1970s! You can find it here 

And, we have had this for a while with intentions of selling it. NFL football records manual from 1979!


….. now. Does he qualify for a man if he doesn’t have one of these in his Man Cave? Seriously, having one of these, if you’re a serious football fan, not only shows that you’re tough, but also proves you know your stuff!

You can find the item here



…Isn’t this perfect? Why are collectibles so awesome?!! You can find it here! Well now, you have just been touched with a touch of vintage. Like it? Vintage is history. It inspires us, it shows us what has been done right and wrong, helping us make decisions. Vintage.is.awesome.

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