Simplicity Pattern #2012 STRIPED PANTS “LEARNING HOW TO SEW” gets interesting

Lovely picture, is it not? Notice the  converse style low-top shoes, and oh!  Oh wow, look at those  striped pants!  Wow! I wonder where those pants  came from, you ponder. What a lovely pair of pants! Well. Let us learn the history of the pants:

In the spirit of things, these pants are HANDMADE. The fabric is below…

The first thing you probably noticed is the COLOR of the fabric. A burst from the bold and bright side of the color wheel! I am a beginner sewer. There is no way I could have gotten as far as I have today, without step-by-step HELP*! (*from FM)

By no accident, the pattern for the pants is for beginner sewers. It is simplicity pattern #2012, an easy number to remember as the year is currently 2012! You can find the pattern on Simplicity, here.

OK. Now, these pants are closer to the skinny-jean section of life than the flare-jean section. After I sewed them, FM tailored them for me. They turned into straight-legged pants, on purpose. But how we got from bright fabric, to COLORFUL and finished pants, I couldn’t quite tell you…

Here is a glimse into the mind of the beginner sewer: WOW! Look at all that fabric! You want me to cut the pattern out? No problem! Only, my hands are quaking because I’m afraid I’m going to cuuuuttt the fabriccc…Do I need help cutting the rounded sides? Oh no, no, I’m fine…well, maybe you can just cut this one…no, well, maybe the next one, too; I can cut the last one! Now I sew it?? Oh!  Yes, pinning is first! Duh, so silly of me!  Oh, we’re going to do a French Seam? How…elegant! Oh, the pattern doesn’t call for it, but it makes the pants last longer…but wouldn’t it be easier… how do you pin this thing? CAREFUL! One slip and you might ruin the pants forever if your pin is too close to the other!!

Then, after sewing the seam, it comes to flipping the fabric around and pinning it again. And to be extra cautious, no pins are spared in securing the fabric. That’s when, after seeing 20 pins crammed next to each other,  you ask your sewing instructor there might be “a little too many pins?” The sewing instructor coughs a little.

“You might could take a few out,” (starts removing 18 pins) (exaggeration).

If you have seen our shop (,) you see a beautiful handmade purse and crochet scarf! The family member who makes the gorgeous scarves and purses is the same one teaching me! She is excellent, and a great teacher!

But now the pants are done! Sewing is exciting, but it takes a lot of TLC and PATIENCE. What do you think about the pants?

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