18″ doll dress Handmade Simplicity 4364

Hello!  Recently, we had some friends who, for their birthdays, each got an 18″ doll.  For their birthday gift from us, we decided to make them some doll dresses. We wanted to make them something easy, beautiful and traditional. We were looking at different doll patterns at home, and we found one that looked really cute, and was probably the easiest of all of the options.

The pattern is Simplicity 4364 which you can find at the Simplicity website here: http://www.simplicity.com/p-2152-doll-clothes.aspx

It’s pattern E, and you can see it’s on the top left…

The dress is actually in two pieces. The top and the skirt of the dress are not at all attached. They each have Velcro on them. We adapted the pattern, and it turned out very well.  We made two dresses, but have only uploaded pictures of one because the pictures of the other dress were blurry.

The fabric for the dress is a beautiful, paisley print in blue and brown. It was a very good choice for the doll because the doll is supposed to be Spanish.

It’s a really pretty dress, and we wish we had taken better pictures before we gave them away! However, the family member who made this dress is working on her own 18″ doll patterns, and (sneak peak!) they are going to be heavily inspired by dresses from the Jane Austen era, namely empire styled. When they’re completed, we’re planning on selling them on our new family-business, www.manorhousedesigns.etsy.com

It’s really a 2-in-1 gift when the outfit is detachable. It can look like a recital dress when worn together, or it can be worn separately at a skirt or shirt! For all moms or friends interested in making cute dresses for their 18″ dolls, we recommend this pattern!

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